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How to Get More Leads for Your Gym

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Don’t forget, we’re gym owners ourselves. Calenda was created because we saw a need for a better gym management system.

And you guessed it, our gym joined Two Brain Business. It was a great decision that 5x’d our revenue in 12 months. The reason we’re telling you is because Two Brain Business taught us how to get leads (among many things).

If you’re struggling and don’t know how to push your business to the next level, we’d highly recommend you get in touch with Two Brain Business and book a call with them.

Referral Marketing

Use Your Current Clients

Your current clients are your biggest cheerleaders and best source of acquiring new leads – this is called affinity marketing. Set expectations from the first moment you make a sale. Something like “Great, you’re all signed up! After you’ve started progressing well, it would be a great help if you refer any of your friends/family that you think could benefit from working with me, how does that sound?”

At the end of your client’s next goal review (which you should be having often with as many of your clients as you can for retention purposes) ask them if they know anybody else with similar goals, who could benefit from working with you. Read more about retention in our blog post Ultimate Guide to Gym Member Retention.

If they say yes, ask for their details and get in touch – simple! Be the great coach that you are, give them a fantastic experience and at their next goal review, ask the same question.

And so the cycle continues.

Contact Former Clients

All gyms have churn, but as often as possible make sure any leaving clients do so on a high – give them a send off they’ll never forget.

Former clients re-join all the time, and they’ll be far more likely to if they left on fantastic terms and you’ve been regularly checking in. Your newsletter doesn’t count though – get personal and send a deliberate text every so often (2-3 /year) checking in to see how they are.

Don’t try to sell – be genuine, show you care and offer to help if they need it.

Message Your Email List

All of your leads should be going into your global contact list. It helps to use a CRM like Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Pipedrive, Keap or HubSpot. If you’re just starting out, always try to use one that has a free price plan – that way you pay to upgrade for your needs as your business grows.

Master the know, like and trust factor. Sending out a monthly/quarterly newsletter will help keep you front of mind while nurturing like and trust.

Along with your newsletter, send out an email blast every time you write a new blog post (writing regularly helps). Your blog posts should be aimed at helping your audience, and your email list has already expressed interest in what you do – they’d love to hear you’re writing articles that could help them.

Know. Like. Trust.

Paid Marketing

Facebook Ads

Advertising through Facebook can be great. Costs have gone up over time but they still provide tremendous value if done right, and they can be targeted.

You can target by location, gender, age range and much more, along with choosing different types of goals.

We go into more detail about how to advertise on Facebook in our post How to Advertise Your Gym Using Facebook Ads (coming soon).

Google Ads

We’ve always preferred Facebook when advertising our gym online, but that doesn’t mean Google isn’t worth it.

People searching on Google have intent – they’re looking for something. If you can match-up your keywords, bid strategies, location and campaign goals, your ads will appear at the top of the page before any of the organic search results.

We go into more detail about how to advertise on Google in our post How to Advertise Your Gym Using Google Ads (coming soon).

Organic Online Marketing

Local Facebook Groups

This one is killer, so pay attention.

Start a free private (but publicly visible) Facebook group, invite all of your friends and start promoting it on your social media (people will also start finding it themselves).

As people join, start offering access to your free guides and tools …”who wants this great stuff?”. Start conversations with people who want your help via your guides/tools. Ask how they’re doing and what their goals are. Be genuine. Be interested. Want to help.

If you can help, tell them you’d love to set up a consultation. Learn how to convert those members into leads in our post How to Get Leads for your Gym from Local Facebook Groups.

We teach you how to sell to those leads in our post How to Close More Leads and Make The Sale (coming soon).

Online Presence with a Call-To-Action

If people see you once, they’ll forget about you. Don’t be that artist who has a #1 hit single, sticks around for 6 months and then disappears, never to be seen again.

You don’t need #1 hit singles every time you create content (Facebook, Instagram, email), you just need to be consistent with good enough content to stay front-of-mind. If people keep seeing your stuff, over time they’ll become more interested and want to hear more.

Staying front-of-mind is obviously important, and whenever you are in front of people, always give them an easy opportunity to take action. Ideally we want that action to be booking a consultation, a free trial or at least giving you their details so that you can nurture them through your pipeline.

This is done through a call-to-action (CTA). Online, this is in the form of a button (website) or hyperlink (newsletter, Instagram, Facebook). Make their life as easy as possible to take that action.

Blog Posts

Writing regularly will not only improve your ability to communicate (being articulate takes practice) but it also means you can help your audience more.

All businesses serve a purpose of providing a solution to a problem. What problems do your audience and clientele have? Focus on the issues you hear from your clients in the gym the most, such as “I’m on a calorie deficit but I don’t know why I’m not losing weight”. Now answer that problem in a written format, and then post it online (and make sure everyone knows about it).

Listen for problems. Write the solutions to each problem, one at a time. Tell the world about it. Rinse and repeat.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Google Business Profile (Google My Business)

This is important, really important. Get more in-depth information in our post Manage your Google Business Profile to get Free Leads (coming soon).

When people are searching on Google for ‘gyms near me’, the Google 3-Pack is vital for any businesses reliant on the local population for trade, like gyms!

While it might be hard to rank top in the organic search results, it should be easier to rank in the top 3 of the Google 3-Pack AND it has a much bigger impact on those looking for your services.

Try it yourself and see where your gym comes in the Google 3-Pack. If you’re not listed, you’ve got some work to do.

Your Website

Your site has two main functions: telling people how you can solve their problem, and getting their contact details. Quickly.

Users often leave websites within 15-20 seconds unless there is a clear value proposition to hold their engagement for longer, and they won’t even stay to look at a website that takes longer than 3 seconds to load!

It also takes just 50 milliseconds for users to form an opinion about your website, so if it’s confusing, has a poor layout, a terrible colour scheme or looks like it was designed before the internet was invented, they won’t be sticking around long to hear what you have to say.

And if you’re running ads, you should be directing people to a landing page, which is a unique part of your website specially designed to sell a specific product (like a 6-week transformation package).

Your landing page should look a lot different to your main website and we talk about that in more detail in our post Ultimate Guide to Gym Landing Pages.

Use our software for free!

The Forever Free plan has everything you need as a freelance coach to take payments, book appointments and look after your clients.

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Use our software for free!

The Forever Free plan has everything you need as a freelance coach to take payments, book appointments and look after your clients.

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