Reporting & insights

Elevate your Fitness, Wellness & Beauty business with actionable data insights. Our “Reporting & Insights” feature provides powerful tools to analyze key metrics and make informed decisions for growth.

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Powerful advanced reporting

Move beyond basic data with our advanced reporting suite, designed to empower informed decision-making at every level. Access a wealth of one-click reports, unlocking critical insights across your entire business.

Access a comprehensive data exploration with pre-built reports for key areas to gain a competitive edge. Knowledge is power.

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Dashboard insights

Stay on top of your business with our intuitive and customizable dashboard, offering a consolidated view of key performance indicators (KPIs) across four crucial areas. Effortlessly track and monitor:

  • Member Insights
  • Sales Performance
  • Lead Generation
  • Payments

Predictive data

Share clear and concise data visualizations with your team and stakeholders, while gaining valuable forecasts based on historical data, helping you anticipate future trends and make informed decisions.

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Visual clarity

Experience the power of data like never before with our intuitive UI design.

Our reporting and insights section prioritizes simplicity and clarity, ensuring you access the information you need, when you need it. Forget cluttered dashboards and overwhelming data dumps.

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