Staff management

Take the stress out of managing your team with our powerful all-in-one platform. Manage pay rates, automate payroll, set availability and reduce your administrative burden.

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Set pay rates

Ensure accurate and transparent staff payments with our robust pay rate management features. Business owners can:

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Manage working hours

Take control of your work schedule and ensure efficient client bookings with our flexible working hours feature.

Each staff member can set individual availability with granular control for appointment-specific management of their schedule.

Unavailable periods

Ensure smooth scheduling and avoid double-booking with our user-friendly unavailable time feature. Staff can easily mark specific dates and times they are unavailable, preventing any bookings during those periods.

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Automated payroll

Simplify payroll processing with our intuitive system, designed to save you time and ensure accurate payments to your staff.

Generate payroll reports in seconds, summarizing staff earnings for a chosen period, with the option to choose between detailed reports showcasing individual breakdowns or concise  payroll summaries.

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The Forever Free plan has everything you need as a freelance coach to take payments, book appointments and look after your clients.

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